Thursday, July 7, 2011

300 Fan Giveaway Winners

Item #1: Chin Strap Hat- Winner is Comment #3 Gretchen said: Following your blog :)

Item #2: 3 layer flower headband- Winner is comment #12 Grogan photography said: Posted on Facebook

Item #3: Mademoiselle adult size hat- Winner is comment #7 Melissa said: Sharing with everyone. your work is amazing and I know for sure you have my email.

Item #4: Newsboy Driving cap: Winner is comment #30 Tiffany said: Just became a fan of Erica's photography page! tiffany0911

Congrats winners!!

Grogan photography will you please email me at with your color choice? I need to know the color and size of the headband and the color of the flower and if you would like a button center the color of that too please. ;)

Tiffany could you email me size and color choice too please to for your Newsboy driving cap?

Thank you so much everyone for being a fan of my page! I truely appreciate you all!


  1. excited!! Thank you so much Jaimie!! I'm doing the happy dance!!

  2. yay!!! I am really thinking about ordering the chin strap hat!! Thanks so much jamie!!!