Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Photo Contest

I loved seeing all the photos from the last photo contest so much I want to do them regularly. ;) The last one was Halloween Themed and was open for everyone to participate. (Even people who have never bought from me before) ;) My absolute favorite part of what I do is seeing photos of my stuff in action. And my other favorite part is seeing all these babies!! lol

This Photo Contest is for the Newborn Photographers and New Mommies!! If you have ever bought or won anything from me and used them with a newborn send me your favorite photo of a Newborn and Because of Leah prop/Hat. These Photos do not have to be professional. Any new baby 0-6 months with something made by me. ;)
Email your photo to me at 1 Photo per person please. I will load the pictures onto my Facebook page and voters will "like" their favorite picture. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. By sending me the photo your giving me permission to post it on the page. Please include your name and a caption you would like with your photo. I will post the photos on Saturday December 3rd and voting will last 2 weeks. Ready to see the prizes??

1st place will win a Critter cape. You can choose from this Turtle, an Owl (I dont have a photo for this one yet) or a Butterfly Critter Cape. (dont have a photo of that one either) lol

Or if you are not a photographer and wouldn't have a use for a Critter cape 1st place can win an animal hat of their choice instead of the Critter Cape. ;)

2nd Place gets a Parka Bonnet in your choice of colors.

And 3rd Place gets a Pixie Gnome Hat in your choice of colors.

Thank you Erica Finnan for these amazing Photos!! xoxo

If you have any questions please email me at Thank you so much! and Good Luck!!

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